When developing our asset base, US Oil Sands employs a unique approach that utilizes modular production facilities that vastly reduce the time associated with construction, development and mine reclamation. These reduced time frames allow us to rapidly and continuously redeploy our production facilities to other permitted production sites.

This novel approach to oil sands development requires only a fraction of the capital required by current oil sands projects. Because of the accelerated production timelines and reduced capital requirements, US Oil Sands is able to increase our net present value beyond what would be ordinarily achievable using conventional methods to develop the resource base.

Due to the speed at which we are able to develop our resource base, US Oil Sands plans to continuously assess the resources inherent to development and exploration blocks, such that we have a ready inventory of permitted production sites on which to install the modular production facilities.

US Oil Sands is a leader in environmental responsibility and is committed to remaining a responsible corporate citizen in all of our areas of operation. The proprietary production method uses a bio-degradable solvent and allows for a far smaller environmental footprint than traditional oil sands projects.